Present and future activities

  1. Manufacturing of optical products (rovisoptics.ro)
  2. Manufacturing of mechanical parts
  3. High durability DLC coatings – hard, high adherence, low frictions, chemical resistance
  4. H-free DLC coating on Si wafers – microelectronics, solar cells
  5. Transparent-conductive coatings – heating, defrosting, EMI shielding, antistatic, microelectronics, solar cells
  6. High temperature resistance coating, Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBC)
  7. Photocatalytic, antimicrobial, biocompatible coatings
  8. Quench Heater Circuit – CERN Projects
  9. Gas Electron Multiplier – CERN and ELI-NP Projects
  10. 2D E-beam printing – nanolithography
  11. Reactive-ion etching (RIE) – reticles, diffractive elements, MOMS
  12. Sensor microstructures and sensitive materials
  13. 3D E-beam printing – micromagnets, MEMS, 3D microelectronics
  14. Design and manufacturing of vacuum equipment for large sizes components
  15. Special mirrors for ELI-NP project – superfine polishing technology, high reflective optical coating technology
  16. Expanding the optical manufacturing department, for mass production, for special application
  17. HTSC thin film planar antenna array for satellite communication
  18. Thermoelectric thin films for thermal management on satellites
  19. Solar optical reflection from multilayer thin films materials
  20. Flexible materials, including fabrics, coated with thin electromagnetic shielding/absorbing layers
  21. Hardening of finished optical parts – glass and sandwich glass meteorite proof – can be included TCO (transparent conductive oxides) thin layer on glass or glass sandwich for EMI/EMC/HEMP protection with shielding effectiveness of (60 – 90) dB or better in protection of electronic parts
  22. Flexible thin film resistors for heating elements used in thermal management of on-board satellite equipment’s – heating satellite thrusters or electronic parts
  23. Construction works in civil area – execution of clean rooms
  24. Implementation of waste water purification systems through ozone destruction